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Our parties are 2.5 hours long and run on Saturdays most weekends of the year.

They include activities such as:

  • den building

  • fire lighting

  • woodland games

  • nature crafts

  • camp fire cooking

  • survival skills

We also offer themed parties of your choice:

Wild Woodland Party

Play woodland wide games, den building, obstacle courses and campfire bread and popcorn.

The Enchanted Forest

Meet magical creatures, such as fairies, elves, wizards and witches, build homes for gnomes, carve magic wands and brew a magic potion.  Two hours of fun and fantasy!

Frog Belly Rat Bone

Join Frog Belly Rat Bone in his quest to make the world a more colourful place, hunt the robbers and plant some magical seeds.

Survival Party

Can you survive for two hours in the wilderness?  Shelter building, fire lighting, obstacle courses and survival games.  Look out for the monsters!

Where The Wild Things Are​

Lots of wild play, wild dancing and feasting like beasts!

Or just create your own party theme...


How much do our parties cost?


£150: 1 leader and up to 10 children.

£250: 2 leaders and up to 20 children.

Please bring any party food that you would like. 

Please dress sensibly, according to the weather. Lots of layers, wellies and waterproofs when wet and in winter.


We can provide party invitations with directions, details and our cheeky squirrel logo!


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