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Foraging & Wild Food

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Our ancestors evolved as hunter gathers, spending countless hours in changing seasons wandering and collecting the bounty of wild food that was available to them. Though this ancient skill is no longer a way of life for most people, it is in our blood, so if you’ve ever picked a blackberry you’re a forager!

Elemental Adventures are experienced foragers, having spent years gathering, tasting and exploring the vast array of wild flavours available. We are interested in the whole cycle of foraging, cooking, and feasting.

We love reconnecting people to nature though walking the land, foraging for wild food, preparing it, cooking it over an open fire and eating it together.

Join us on one of our foraging walks, workshops or weekends, where we will teach you how to safely identify and sustainably harvest a vast selection of wild food.

Please contact us to book a private session.

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