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Graeme Dow

Co-founder, Co-Director & Organisational Wizard

Bright Fires Forest School

Tree Pirates Holiday Club

Wellbeing In The Woods

Heading 5

In spite of his teachers' best efforts, Graeme’s suburban education revolved around his own ‘extra-curricular syllabus’, where he excelled in den building, tree climbing, creative writing, drawing, singing and graffiti.  All of these resulted in a richly expressive, creative childhood, where play and the outdoors were central features.

After working with National Trust wardens at Box Hill, Surrey, he went on to develop his landscaping business in Bristol, focusing on wildlife and edible gardens as well as living willow structures in schools, getting training in Permaculture and Landscape Design along the way.

He has also worked with people of all ages and abilities in a teaching and support capacity and is qualified in Person-Centred Counselling.  He is a Level 3 Forest School and Coast School Leader, along with Playwork Level 3.

He occasionally makes use of his degree in Landscape Architecture, but usually finds treehouses are a more intuitive process.

Having spent a few years exploring Yorkshire, Graeme is now based on the coast in wild West Wales, where he is passionate about re-connecting  people and nature, creating accessible woodland spaces and facilitating others to explore, excel and celebrate their own unique journey.

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