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Nick Kendall

Co-Founder, Co-Director & Bushcraft Jedi


Woodland Management Volunteering

Wellbeing In The Woods

Heading 5

Nick grew up exploring the rivers, canals, woodlands and fields that surrounded him during childhood, fostering a long term love of the outdoors and a strong connection with nature.  He served in the Royal Air Force, developing his outdoor skills with bushcraft and survival skills training, including climbing, kayaking, orienteering and running, culminating in representing the Royal Air Force as a boxer in the Super Heavyweight category. On discharge he continued in uniform serving as a constable in the Police service. After finally hanging up his uniforms he has always strived towards working in the outdoors, sharing the skills he has learnt with others.

During this time he has learnt how to carve and craft using green wood, producing items for home and market using axes, froes and knives and also creating items from leather, such as pouches and tool sheaths.  His bushcraft experience included learning how to make cordage and use it to complete a bow drill set and create an ember to make fire, how to purify water using this fire and how to make a comfortable camp in any weather. 

These skills were learnt through a love of the abilities of our not-so-distant ancestors, to be able to fashion the things they needed to exist from the resources immediately to hand.  This fuelled a passion to learn as much about these skills himself and to be able to introduce them to others, so that they can feel the confidence-building satisfaction of being able thrive when out in the elements.

Having studied Landscape Architecture as a mature student, Nick enjoys designing outdoor spaces that strive to reconnect people to the fabric of their environment, and the challenge of designing community spaces that immerse people in the joys of nature as healer, teacher and playmaker.

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