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Susi Riley

Co-Founder, Co-Director & Creative Extraordinaire

Designated Safeguarding Officer


Bright Fires Forest School

Tree Pirates Holiday Club

Wellbeing In The Woods

Heading 5

Blessed with a rich and diverse upbringing, Susi spent most of her days making mud pies on allotments, exploring the countryside of Yorkshire, swimming in rivers, helping her family grow veg and run their craft business and generally playing quite hard.

These early nourishing experiences inspired a love of people, playfulness and a deep connection with the outdoors. After a temporary blip as a rebellious teenager, Susi went on to train and work in social care, performing arts, forest schools and as a Natural Nutritionist.


She is passionate about play and child-led learning as a means of promoting confidence, well-being and creative thinking, which is central to her work as a Forest School Leader. She endeavours to help people find a feeling of connection with each other and the natural world using skills of storytelling, music, alternative health care and nature crafts.

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