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 Video Call Mentoring 

If you are planning to start, or have already started, your own project, we offer a full strategy development service, covering many areas relevant to Forest School, Nature Connection and Outdoor Learning.

This can include:

  • Help with paperwork, including risk assessments

  • Identifying sites

  • Practical considerations

  • Insurance

  • Business planning

  • Qualifications & experience

  • Building a team


We have a a great team of experts in a wide variety of fields, so we can tailor the mentoring and mentor to suit your interests!


Expert subjects include:

  • Nature arts and crafts

  • Storytelling and music

  • Foraging

  • Woodland management

  • Green woodwork & heritage crafts

  • Bushcraft & survival skills

  • Small scale farming and permaculture

  • Mental health and wellbeing in the outdoors 

Please get in touch for more information:

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