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Wildways Forest School

Elemental Adventures have partnered with PLANED, to offer 8-14 year olds the opportunity to gain certified units with Agored Cymru, in skills that they learn with us at Wildways Forest School. 


We are currently running 'Practical Skills in the Outdoors' level 1, as our pilot scheme.  From September 2024 we will be running a longer, year long programme, covering a wider range of learning.


We are using Tom Bardon's Wild Passport as the overall outdoor learning skills progression framework, which has proved very popular with the kids!

Whenever a new child starts at Wildways, we will provide one-to-one tuition so that they can learn the basics and catch up with the other children.  We have a great team of facilitators who are well trained and experienced in working with children.


Please follow the links above for more info, get in touch with any queries, and feel welcome for your child to attend a session to get a feel for our forest school, to see if it is something that they are interested in.


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